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#115 Please Be Ok, Mahomes 🙏

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There’s nothing scarier than the league’s best player getting injured. When Patrick Mahomes left the game in the third quarter yesterday with an apparent head injury, my Twitter feed was just a steady stream of people screaming, “Nooooooooooooooo.”

Currently, Andy Reid and the team are projecting optimism for Mahomes’ status in the AFC Championship and he was tweeting Chad Henne puns after the game. That said, he has a long way to go as far as clearing all of the stages in the concussion protocol. 

This is an extremely tough spot for everyone involved. No one wants an AFC Championship game without Mahomes. But we also must protect the individual who will likely go down as the best player of all time at all costs. We’ll obviously be keeping tabs on this the rest of the week.

Here were the other high and lowlights from yesterday…

Browns-Chiefs. The Rashard Higgins end zone fumble was extremely tilting. They have to fix that dumb rule and they also need to be able to retroactively call penalties when it’s clear the defender led with his helmet...Darrel Williams (13-78-0, 4-4-16)  took control of the Chiefs backfield and Tyreek Hill (8-110) and Travis Kelce (8-109-1) do what they always do...Henne and Andy Reid were the heroes. Henne’s exciting 3rd-and-14 scramble set up Andy “Big Huevos” Reid's aggressive 4th and 1 play call that sealed the game. 

Saints-Bucs. Despite a 20-13 lead, the Saints imploded yesterday as Drew Brees tossed three interceptions...Carlton Davis had Michael Thomas’ number yesterday. Zero receptions and a pick for @CantGuardMike...Leonard Fournette (107 total yards) caught a bunch of passes and found the endzone...I’m still skeptical of this Bucs team. On the road at Lambeau this week will be another big test. 


- Peter Overzet


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