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#121 Brady & Gronk Are Inevitable

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Despite being 3 point underdogs, apparently the Bucs were pretty live, eh? Tom Brady and the Buccaneers defense dusted the Chiefs 31-9 in a dominant performance on their home field. 

Let’s fight through the post-Super Bowl hangover with some nuggets...

  • Brady: 7 Super Bowl wins across three decades, 10 Super Bowl appearances, 5 Super Bowl MVPs. Starting to think this guy is a winner, fam. Matthew makes the case for Brady not being only the NFL GOAT, but the GOAT of all GOATs. The King GOAT. 
  • Patrick Mahomes, playing through a toe injury, spent the entire game running for his life behind two backup offensive tackles. He was pressured 29 times (a Super Bowl record) compared to only four for Brady and still made some insane throws. According to NextGenStats, he ran a total of 497 yards before his passes/sacks tonight, the most by any QB in any game this season. Waiting for the Yakety Sax edit on that scramble compilation. 
  • Gronk gonna Gronk. In hindsight, Rob Gronkowski going 6-67-2 post-retirement with his BFF was inevitable. 
  • They used to call him “Fat Lenny” back in middle school, but in January and February he’s “Playoff Lenny16 carries for 89 yards & 1 TD + 4 catches for 46 yards.
  • One more shocking Mahomes stat via Field Yates: last night was the first time in his NFL or college career that his team did not score a TD with him at quarterback. Wild. 
  • There are apparently two groups of people in this world. People who loved The Weeknd’s halftime performance and people who hated “The Weekend’s” halftime performance.
  • Kevin Harlan’s play-by-play call of the Super Bowl streaker is my personal MVP. Impressive spin move at the 25, btw. 


R.I.P. Pedro Gomez


- Peter Overzet


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