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#130 15 Intriguing Nuggets About The 2021 NFL Schedule

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The full 2021 NFL schedule has been released so it’s time to do what we do best as fantasy players and dissect it in every which way in hopes of gaining an early edge on our lazy fantasy league mates.

Here’s 15 interesting nuggets about the 2021 schedule with help from some friends on Twitter...

September 9th. The 2021 NFL season kicks off on Thursday, September 9th with the Cowboys at the Buccaneers. 119 days from today...but who’s keeping track?

Sam Darnold revenge game. The fantasy gods waste no time pitting Darnold’s Panthers against his ex, the Jets, in Week 1. 

Trading places in LA & DET. Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff Week 7 when the Lions and Rams square off:

NFL betting on Rodgers in GB. Five night games for the Packers, including three before flex scheduling (h/t Adam Levitan). 

Brady returns to Foxboro at the perfect time. Tom Brady returns to Foxboro for the first time as a Buccaneer in Week 4. It just so happens that he’s on pace to surpass Drew Brees as the all-time passing yards Week 4 (h/t Sharp). 

Lawrence vs. Burrow. Also Week 4 is the “#1 Picks Bowl” between Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow on Thursday Night Football (h/t Yates). 

Week 7 will be rough for fantasy. 6 teams are on bye: Cowboys, Vikings, Bills, Steelers, Jags, and Chargers. Matthew rattles off all the stud players who won’t be available. Oof, indeed.

Cam Newton revenge. I mean, most of the schedule intrigue is just revenge games, right? Cam gets his crack at the Panthers in Week 9. 

Mark your calendar for Nov. 28 (or don’t). Absolutely no one: *crickets* ...The Giants: We play both Super Bowl teams this year but are circling our game vs. the Eagles who went 4-11-1 last year (h/t Jimmy Kempski). 

The easiest schedules: Mike Clay: Bucs, Falcons, Bills, Jets, and Dolphins. Warren Sharp: 49ers, Broncos, Browns, Dolphins, Bucs. 

The hardest schedules. Clay: Bears, Steelers, Lions, Rams, Bengals. Sharp: Raiders, Steelers, Texans, Lions, Bengals. 

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10 teams have 5 primetime games. 49ers, Bucs, Chiefs, Cowboys, Packers, Rams, Ravens, Saints, Seahawks, Steelers. (h/t Nick Wagoner). 

Bye weeks in the playoffs? In this economy?? Depending on how your league handles the additional week this year, you might have guys on your bench for the fantasy playoffs. Week 14 features 4 teams on bye (Colts, Dolphins, Eagles, and the Patriots). Plan accordingly (h/t Matthew). 

Christmas with the Colts and Cardinals. The Browns and Packers, too. Your mom is gonna be pissed when she finds out why you escaped the dinner table. 

Championship shootouts? If your playoffs end in Week 17 (I assume most will), John Daigle has an eye on the matchups that could result in a plethora of fantasy points: Falcons @ Bills, Chiefs @ Bengals, Panthers @ Saints, Eagles @ Washington, Cardinals @ Cowboys, and Rams @ Ravens. 

Happy drafting.


Peter Overzet


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