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#131 Will Julio Jones Be Traded?

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I’ve officially caught the fantasy bug again. It happens every year around this time. You take a couple months to decompress after the Super Bowl, but then you start to get pulled back in as the NFL calendar kicks into gear. 

Between the NFL draft and the schedule release, dynasty and best ball drafts, and trade rumors, it feels like we are finally ready to blast off into the 2021 season.

Speaking of trade rumors, things are heating up in Atlanta with Julio Jones. Here’s everything we know right now:

* The Falcons are in a tight salary-cap situation and are considering trading Julio. If they trade him after June 1, they will create $15.8 million in needed salary-cap space.

* Julio turned 32 in February and missed a lot of games and practice time last year due to injury, something that is concerning to the new coaching staff.

* Because of Julio’s contract there’s only 10 or so teams who could realistically acquire Jones in a trade: the Jaguars, Jets, Bengals, Broncos, Browns, Colts, Chargers, Lions, 49ers and Patriots.

* Jeff Schultz reported that drafting Kyle Pitts doesn’t mean the Falcons are going “all-out” for it this year (a popular talking point these days). A rebuild is still on the table, though if that was really the case then they should have taken Justin Fields 🤷.

* For fantasy purposes, Julio isn’t what he once was—Matthew has him outside his Top 10 WRs—and his 2021 outlook will be greatly dependent on landing spot. It’s hard to envision destinations that would be a fantasy upgrade over the Falcons. Maybe the Chargers, who have one of the best young QBs in the game and a need for more playmakers on the outside.


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Fantasy nuggets

* Sounds like Samaje Perine has the inside track to touches behind Joe Mixon this year. 

* Would Alivn Kamara get his usual targets with Jameis Winston at QB? Ross Jackson explores

* Myles Gaskin is still the favorite for lead-back duties in Miami. 

* This sounds like a joke, but it’s not: Kelvin Benjamin has signed with the Giants as a tight end.

* Tim Tebow has officially signed with the Jags. I took him in the last round of a best ball draft the other day as an emotional hedge for when he’s stealing TDs from my guy Laviska Shenault and Travis Etienne (who Urban Meyer is threatening to use as a WR). You know it’s happening. 


My favorite pick in drafts right now...

Now that I’m doing a bunch of drafts, I’m starting to accumulate something that is incredibly valuable in the Fantasy Biz: taeks. Tevin Coleman is basically free in drafts right now, while the rookie Michael Carter is going over 100 picks before him. Carter was only a 4th round pick and Coleman has proven himself a capable NFL runner with a nice size/speed combo. There’s no reason there should be that big of a gap between their ADPs, even if you prefer Carter.


Loose ends

* The Steelers haven’t had a losing record in 17 years. That’s wild

* Happy Birthday to Mike Clay. Take a break from the spreadsheets today, you’ve earned it. 


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