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#134 The Rookie WR Who Is Going To Surprise Everyone

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📰 Fantasy News for the true sickos. I’m grinding the news in June so you don’t have to…

  • Tony Pollard is getting work at wide receiver according to coach Mike McCarthy. “Getting work at WR” is very close to joining “best shape of his life” and “working in the slot” on the offseason blurb bingo card.
  • The Lions are still flirting with Todd Gurley: “We have interest in Todd, we do. And we’re talking with his agent,” said Lions HC Dan Campbell. Best of luck to the Lions and Todd on their summer courtship.
  • Antonio Gibson is still dealing with the turf toe that forced him to miss two games last year. We’re going to need that to go away if we want him to be “DCMC” this year.
  • Tyrod Taylor is not expecting Deshaun Watson to play this season. Last year he was quickly replaced by Justin Herbert, but it should be much easier to hold off Davis Mills.
  • Ohhh baby, if you read this newsletter last year you know that I’m a big Laviska Shenault Quotes like these from Jags beat writer John Shipley aren’t helping to reel in my enthusiasm: “Shenault especially stood out. He caught everything thrown his way...he looked quick in and out of his breaks...Shenault has always looked like one of the most athletic players on the field due to his blend of size, power & explosiveness, this was again the case on Thursday."
  • Anthony Lynn says he’s going to ride the hot hand at RB. Matthew’s taek? “Bless him for continuing to drive down D’Andre Swift’s

❓ Guess the quote: “I see a big role for him. If I were a betting man, I’d bet on nice numbers coming from him on the stat sheet, that’s for sure...he plays the ‘X’ and the ball has always kind of found the ‘X’ receiver in this offense.”

🍺 When is the best time to draft your best ball teams? Over at Rotoviz, Michael Dubner did a statistical deep dive on the best time of year to draft best ball teams. There’s of course pros and cons to both. If you draft early, you can get ahead of ADP before all the sleepers are no longer sleepers. But there’s also less information available-—especially for backfields—and depth charts can quickly change due to injuries and performance. The edges are always small in fantasy, so it’s important to take advantage of them:


To read the full article and Michael’s conclusion on the best time to draft, sign up for Rotopassa bundle of 6 great fantasy sites, including Rotovizfor less than $80. 

🔥 Hot taek Friday. Yesterday on Twitter I asked for your hottest fantasy taeks for the upcoming season and you guys did not disappoint with over 80 submissions. I plan to make this a regular segment in the Friday newsletter, so keep an eye out for future requests for hot taeks. My favorite submission came from @ChangeCollege who made a spicy case for Terrace Marshall to lead all rookie WRs in TDs:



For the record, Josh Norris had a similar taek. The moral of the story is we need to keep an eye on Terrace Marshall.

🐦 Tweet of the day. Speaking of Josh Norris, here’s your tweet exchange of the day between Josh Norris and Evan Silva:



If you are wondering what in the world would compel Norris to tweet this, it involves a best ball draft and a randomizer wheel.

By the way, be sure to follow the Fantasy Life newsletter Twitter. I believe the kids would call this a “Follow Friday”.

💪 High key thicc. I truly thought this segment would pop up every few weeks, but fantasy twitter can’t not stop salivating over the thighs and quads of NFL players. Today’s edition features Joe Pisapia, who is on a quest to crown the real “Quadfather”...


Quote reveal… “I see a big role for him. If I were a betting man, I’d bet on nice numbers coming from him on the stat sheet, that’s for sure...As much as this offense will resemble New Orleans, he plays the ‘X’ and the ball has always kind of found the ‘X’ receiver in this offense.”

That was Chargers Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi projecting big things for Mike Williams in 2021.

Have a great weekend.

Peter Overzet


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