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#135 3 Winners & 3 Losers From The Julio Jones Trade

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It finally happened. Julio Jones to the Titans is official.

The Falcons get a 2022 2nd rounder and a 2021 4th rounder, while the Titans get Julio and a 6th rounder in 2023. The Titans also take on Jones’ $15.3 million salary going forward and the Falcons have $7.75 million in dead money this year.

Let’s check in on how A.J. Brown feels about the news:



And how about Ryan Tannehill?



When we first started discussing trade scenarios a couple weeks ago, we mentioned how AJB was campaigning for Julio on TikTok. At this point I think we all have to concede that TikTok influencing is what makes the world turn. Can we get Courtland Sutton to start a TikTok recruiting Aaron Rodgers to Denver while we are at it? Is that too much to ask?

Now what fallout are we looking at here for fantasy? In broad strokes, it’s fairly simple...

📈 The Winners:

  • Ryan Tannehill
  • Calvin Ridley & Kyle Pitts

Check out Calvin Ridley’s splits with and without Julio Jones in the lineup, compliments of the Rotoviz Game Splits app, which you can get access to via the Rotopass package. That’s a massive jump in PPR points...



📉 The Losers:

  • Matt Ryan
  • Josh Reynolds & Anthony Firkser

On a leisurely stroll, Matthew gives his fantasy taeks on the trade and why this is not good for Matt Ryan. On a similar is looking more egregious by the day that the Falcons didn’t draft Justin Fields in anticipation of this rebuild.

🤷 Neutral:

  • Julio Jones
  • AJ Brown

Mike Clay’s Julio spin: “Jones is headed from one of the league's pass-heaviest offenses of the past few seasons in Atlanta to one of the run-heaviest in Tennessee. That may seem like a problem for Jones' fantasy outlook, but the Titans have a ton of available targets following the offseason departures of Jonnu Smith, Corey Davis and Adam Humphries (combined 192 targets, 41% target share in 2020).” For the full article, including Clay’s updated projections for all players, check out the full article on ESPN+ via Rotopass.

Sigmund Bloom’s AJB spin: “Brown’s target share will drop, but the quality of his targets will go up enough to make up for the loss. With no other credible threat in the passing game, Brown was going to face double coverage and extra attention until the Titans proved someone like Josh Reynolds or Anthony Firkser could make defenses pay. Now Brown will have a chance to operate with the best running mate he has had in his short career.” Check out the full article on Footballguys via Rotopass.

🐦 Tweet of the day:



🤓 Who are the sharps drafting In June? Over at Rotoviz, Shawn Siegele breaks down an industry draft called the “MFL10 of Death” which features some of the best fantasy analysts, including Lord Reebs from Sharp Football and the aforementioned Mike Clay and Sigmund Bloom. It’s a great early peek at how these guys are approaching 2021 drafts, both roster construction-wise and via player selection.

One big difference between normal leagues and this specific draft is the split between RBs and WRs being drafted in the first 10 rounds: “In normal leagues, 43 running backs and 50 wide receivers are going in the first 10 rounds. Our split was 36/56.” Load up on those WRs, people.

🏆 Need a Best Ball cheat sheet?

Our friends at RotsterWatch, part of the Rotopass network, put together an old school, tiers-based cheat sheet that you can print off and use while drafting your best ball teams this summer. You’ll be a “best ball guy” in no time.

See you Wednesday.

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