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#137 🏈 How To Handle Jets WRs In Drafts

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I’m not sure there is a more confusing situation in fantasy right now than how to handle the Jets WRs.

The team brought in Corey Davis and Keelan Cole in free agency and also drafted Ole Miss standout Elijah Moore in the 2nd round to complement 2nd-year WR Denzel Mims and the veteran Jamison Crowder.

Here’s everything making it so confusing:

  • They have a polarizing rookie QB in Zach Wilson. Based on where he’s going in best ball drafts (well after other rookies like Justin Fields and Trey Lance), it would appear that people are not convinced he can be a solid fantasy contributor out of the gate. That said, he has a big arm, the ability to run, and a quietly solid supporting cast.
  • Crowder–the team’s best WR last year—is in a contract dispute with the Jets and is currently staying away from organized team activities. The rumors are the 28-year-old WR might get traded and that domino would obviously have major ramifications on the team’s available targets.
  • Moore was a great prospect and is already flashing at Jets Camp. Connor Hughes said “he’s undeniably the most impressive” and “it’s not really close.”
  • Mims, the big, promising 6’3” WR and Air Yards king of 2020, is currently playing with the second-stringers while Cole–who the team signed to a 1-year, $5.5M contract–is running with the 1s.
  • There isn’t much news to report on Davis other than the fact that he appears to be locked in as the other outside WR in 3-wide sets.

🤔 How To Play It?  So ya, this is a bit of a mess to untangle for fantasy. Generally with ambiguous situations we want to 1) take the cheaper guys and 2) bet on talent. Right now, the order they are being drafted is: Davis > Moore > Mims > Crowder > Cole.

The way I’m playing it is fading Davis (a little pricey), mixing in Moore when he falls a bit (bet on talent), drafting lots of Mims (we like chasing 2nd year breakouts), some Crowder (he’ll get targets wherever he lands), and as of right now realizing I need to start sprinkling in more Cole at the end of drafts (completely free starting WR), especially when I pull the trigger on Wilson late.



📰 Fantasy News for the true sickos.

* It’s always tough to project when rookie QBs will get their shot. I’ve seen some debate recently on how long it will take Mac Jones to overtake Cam Newton in New England, but Ben Volin reported this morning that Jones “has a long way to go” and don’t bet on him playing early in 2021. You may now return to your regularly scheduled Cam Newton drafting.

* Per Schefter: Russel Wilson says there were “unfortunate frustrations” after last season, but he wants to stay in Seattle. Pete Carroll, on behalf of every fantasy player ever, we are on our knees begging you to Let Russ Cook this year. Don’t mess this up.

* The 2021 preseason team-by-team schedule has been posted.

💥 How age helps us predict rookie breakouts



Over at Rotoviz—my favorite fantasy site and part of the Rotopass package—the very sharp Blair Andrews analyzes some interesting data about rookie running backs and age. Check out the piece for his findings and takeaways on which rookie RBs you want to prioritize in drafts this year. Speaking of Rotopass, you can get 10% off this week for Father’s Day using promo code ‘Father’ at checkout. Get your dad a subscription so he can read all about RB breakouts on Rotoviz, as well as all of the other great sites that are part of the Rotopass network.

Included in the Rotopass package is access to ESPN+, where Stephania Bell broke down the Saquon Barkley knee injury we’ve been discussing a lot recently and how fantasy gamers should approach him in drafts this summer.

🔥 Your favorite player in drafts. Yesterday I asked Twitter for their favorite player to take in drafts currently and why they are underpriced. Per usual, you guys had tons of great suggestions, but my favorite came from Zachary Krueger who made a strong case for Mike Williams, who I also very much agree is going overlooked in drafts right now as WR47:



🐦 Follow Friday: @CooterDoodle



Couldn’t agree more with Matthew on this one. Cooterdoodle is one of the most funny and fresh voices in all of fantasy right now. She has a great, quick-hitting YouTube show called Petite Pods (both Matthew and I have been guests) and she joined me for a very fun Randomizer draft last night where she played charades, doodled AJ Dillon’s quads, and selected 5 tight ends.

Have a great weekend.  

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