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#140 Is Russ Finally Going To Cook This Year?

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There’s a bit of buzz out of Seattle right now about a new-look offense. For the past three years, fantasy gamers have screamed, begged, and prayed for the team to Let Russ Cook. 

The requests fell on the deaf ears of Pete Carroll and Brian Schottenheimer. Despite having one of the best QBs in the league, Seattle ranked 22nd in neutral situation pace and 23rd in offensive plays per game last season (h/t Adam Levitan).

In 2018, Russel Wilson finished 3rd in adjusted yards per attempt and 11th in QBR while the team finished 27th in passing yards—let me repeat that: TWENTY SEVENTH IN PASSING YARDS (h/t Pat Kerrane). 

We’ve seen hints of what an unleashed Russ could look like—remember last year when he passed for 5 TDs in a shootout vs. the Cowboys in Week 3? But for the most part, the teamhas for some reason elected to keep the Ferrari in the garage while racking up miles on a 2008 Toyota Corolla. Btw, if that reference feels oddly specific it’s because I drive a 2008 Toyota Corolla (sorry to brag). 

But it sounds like things might just be changing with new OC Shane Waldron who replaced Schottenheimer. WR Tyler Lockett calls him “brilliant” and has been gushing about the freedom in the new up-tempo offense.

On Ship Chasing this week, we discussed which offenses would have massive, hidden upside if our assumptions about how they’ll play are wrong. The Seahawks are the best example of a team whose production could reach new heights with a shift to a more up-tempo, pass-focused offense. 

We must continue to scream and beg and pray for the team to Let Russ Cook. 


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📰 Fantasy News for the true sickos.

* Speaking of Seattle, Pete Carroll was asked about a potential breakout player for 2021. He said tight end Gerald Everett, who is essentially free in best ball drafts right now. 

* The Chiefs really don’t have much depth after Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Mecole Hardman. That means good things for Clyde Edwards-Helair: “When not targeting Hill or Hardman, Mahomes threw the ball most often to his RBs and TEs, passes that should allow those players to gain additional yards after the reception. Some of Mahomes’ best reps were when he threw the ball to CEH on the perimeter.” (h/t Nate Taylor). 

* Via Mike Kaye of, we have some clues on how their WR usage might break down. It’s currently looking like Devonta Smith and Jalen Reagor in 2-WR sets and Travis Fulgham joining outside in 3-WR slots. 

* Zack Moss is still recovering from his ankle surgery and has been missing minicamp practices. Devin Singletary and Matt Breida would likely be the biggest beneficiaries if Moss were to miss time this season. 

* No one wants to draft James White right now, but per Andrew Callahan, he led the team with 8 targets in team drills the other day. His pass catching floor remains very high. 


🎥 Grainy Camp Video Szn

Ok this isn’t technically a grainy camp video, but I have to ask...why does Cole Beasley look like he walked out of central casting for a role in a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

Maybe it’s a new character he does for his kids? Father’s Day is just two days away and I think the least we can do is thank them for all their bits and cosplay with a gift from the Father’s Day Collection in the Fantasy Life store. 


🥉 Fantasy Life 101: Don’t finish last in your league…

Lee Sanderlin finished last place in his fantasy football league last year. As punishment he had to spend 24 hours in a Waffle House, however, every waffle he ate shaved an hour off the clock. I’m happy to report that earlier this morning Lee finished 9 waffles after 15 hours and was able to mercifully leave the Waffle House. The entire thread is a fun read and another cautionary tale about the perils of being awful at fantasy football. 

Have a great Father’s Day weekend. We’ll see ya on Monday. 

Peter Overzet


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