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#142 ☣️ Warning: Jameis Winston Experiment In Progress

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We are now 77 days from the 2021 NFL season kicking off on September 9th. That might seem like a long time, but it’s not. Stop screwing around. It’s time to get your house in order. Vacuum the floors, dust furniture, and read every single fantasy blurb. Actually, I’ll do that last part for you, but you do really need to dust behind the TV. It’s disgusting back there.

❓ Guess the quote:

“I don’t give investing advice any more but if I did I’d suggest you buy all of the _______ stock.” - Mina Kimes on NFL Live yesterday taking about a breakout tight end for fantasy this year. 

📰 Fantasy News for the true sickos.

* “Jameis Winston's not getting much love because of the bad taste left in everyone's mouth from his final year in Tampa. However, it's hard to not picture him as the starter going into the new season,” said John Hendrix from Saints News. He might also not be getting much love because of bizarre workout videos like this

* As Sigmund Bloom is fond of saying, the steady drumbeat on Gerald Everett continues to grow. Pete Carroll said the addition of Everett to Seattle's offense gives the team "the fanciest, sweetest-looking receiver/tight end mix that we’ve had. He’s like a wide receiver, he’s got terrific after-the-catch run ability, really aggressive and he’s a good blocker, too, and he knows the system inside and out."

* Looking for a sleeper RB behind Joe Mixon? Bengals OC Brian Callahan says rookie Chris Evans has “the most natural hands for a running back that I’ve ever been around.” Sounds like we’ve found our generation’s Gio Bernard in Cincy. 

* After Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, I’ve found myself stumped on which Chargers WR to take in best ball drafts when I’m stacking up Justin Herbert. ESPN’s Shelley Smith says that Tyron Johnson, who was a UDFA last season, has the inside track to the No. 3 role ahead of Jalen Guyton and rookie Josh Palmer.

📊 Stat of the Day

Number of weeks with a winning record since 2016 (Via Warren Sharp):

Top 2: Chiefs (63) and Rams (62)

Bottom 2: Jets (2) and Giants (0)

God bless the Giants. 


📚 The Fantasy Articles You Must Read

3 To Buy Now – You Can Still Get A Discount On The Next Aiyuk Or Metcalf But Time Is Running Out” by Shawn Siegele

Per usual, Shawn has some great recommendations on who to target in drafts before the hype gets out of control. Two of the names were firmly on my radar, but the third is someone I’ve barely heard mentioned at the fantasy water cooler this summer. You can get access to all of Shawn’s work at Rotoviz via the package, which includes a bundle of great fantasy sites that would cost $400 individually but you can get access to for less than $80.


🎁 Giveaway 🎁

In honor of CooterDoodle becoming the captain of the Fantasy Life Twitter account, we are celebrating by giving away TEN entries in the Scott Fish Bowl, which is the premier pro-am tournament in the fantasy football industry. 

Here’s what you have to do to win:

1) Follow @MBFantasyLife on Twitter

2) Follow @MBFantasyLife on Instagram

3) Today (6/23), the @MBFantasyLife Twitter account will tweet out details of this contest, inspired by the music theme for this year’s Scott Fish Bowl. Reply to that tweet with a NFL player/music mashup. Like Fleetwood Mac Jones or AJ Green Day. 

CooterDoodle will pick the best ones to receive an SFB entry. Good luck!

Speaking of Scott Fish and #SFB11, check out Fish on the Fantasy Focus pod yesterday with Matthew. 


🐦 Tweet of the day

Stephania Bell summed it up well: “There’s no telling how many people - especially young people - will be helped by seeing and hearing the outpouring of love and support of family, friends, teammates, employers, even strangers for Carl Nassib after his announcement. Love really does make the world go round.”


Quote reveal

“I don’t give investing advice any more but if I did I’d suggest you buy all of the Noah Fant stock.” Mina sees Fant taking the leap into the elite TE tier this season.

See ya Friday. 

Peter Overzet


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