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#152 5 QB Battles To Keep An Eye On 🔎

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With teams reporting to training camp today, we still have a surprising amount of uncertain quarterback situations across the league. The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin recently dished on all of the QB competitions and there were some interesting nuggets in there that we can apply to our fantasy drafts.

* New England Patriots: Cam Newton vs. Mac Jones

“Belichick genuinely likes coaching Newton and has raved about him nonstop since last summer. Belichick also has a history of bringing rookies along slowly...I think that in Belichick’s perfect world, Jones holds a clipboard in 2021 and learns from Newton and Brian Hoyer.” 

Fantasy spin: It sounds like it’s going to take an injury or truly disastrous play for Jones to get a start this year. Even if Jones does take over, it’s hard to imagine Beliichick letting him open up the offense. I’m mostly avoiding both of these QBs in drafts right now. 

* New Orleans Saints: Taysom Hill vs. Jameis Winston

“From what I have heard from league sources, I’m not sure it’s going to be a truly open competition. Hill is such a unique dual threat that he’s worth trying out as the starting QB to start the season.” 

Fantasy spin: This is interesting because I’ve been working under the assumption that Winston is the starter and that Hill will work in for special packages. I think it’s time to start taking some stabs on Hill at the end of best ball drafts when you need a third QB or want to stack up Michael Thomas

* Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers vs. The World

“All signs point to Rodgers playing for the Packers in 2021. A holdout would be incredibly expensive — $50,000 per day, over $2 million for all of training camp, and over $21 million if he sits out the entire season — and I just don’t see Rodgers going down that road.”

Fantasy spin: With Rodgers likely back in Green Bay (the sportsbooks have it at -400, which is an implied probability of 80%), it’s worth aggressively targeting Davante Adams at his discounted Round 2 price tag and grabbing cheap pieces of the offense later in drafts—Robert Tonyan, Amari Rodgers, etc. 

* San Francisco 49ers: Trey Lance vs. Jimmy Garropolo

* Chicago Bears: Justin Fields vs. Andy Dalton

“Frankly, it’s going to be hard for Shanahan to stick with Garoppolo with anything other than a hot start out of the gates.”

“Justin Herbert and Watson were both supposed to sit on the bench as rookies, yet both got an unexpected opportunity to start in September, and played so well they never gave the job back. I get the feeling that Fields will have a similar arc.”

Fantasy spin: It’s not if but when for Lance and Fields. I rarely leave a draft without at least one of the rookie QBs (Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson included). Fields and Lance offer the tantalizing ceiling that we can afford to wait on in hopes of getting a playoff hammer. 


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