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What’s up internet friend! Your friendly neighborhood Matthew Berry here with some exciting news… We now have a newsletter.

That’s right, a 100% FREE, Fantasy Life newsletter that combines news, notes, and links you need to know for fantasy football that day. My buddy Pete Overzet, a well-known fantasy analyst, podcaster, and semi-successful Tik Toker, is writing it daily, and I occasionally pop in. Quick, easy, and fun to read, it’s a simple way to make sure you’re always up to date. We’ll update this page daily with yesterday’s newsletter… but if you want to get the scoop rightwhen you need it, make sure to sign up for emails!

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Get to know Pete

In what I can only imagine was a moment of weakness, Matthew has agreed to hand over the keys to his Fantasy Life newsletter to me, Peter Overzet. I’m a fantasy football thought leader, DFS player, podcaster, streamer, Deposit King, and whatever else you want me to be. Six days a week (Saturdays are when the true grinders rest) I will be popping up in your inbox with a short and sweet email. We’ll hit all of the relevant fantasy news, pass along links to actionable fantasy advice, and try moderately hard to be funny. If you want to get in touch, contact me on Twitter (@peteroverzet) or check out my videos on Youtube.